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The Transmitter connects directly to a platform to receive information that it sends wirelessly or wired to ARAIG to update the various physical and auditory sensory feedback devices.

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Surround Sound

ARAIG’s outer layer called the Exoskeleton has a built in 7.1 surround sound speaker system for full audio immersion.


ARAIG’s outer layer called the Exoskeleton provides precise and accurate localized sensory feedback with complete coverage across the torso and shoulders.


ARAIG’s inner layer called the StimS (Stimulation Shirt) provides torso and shoulder muscle coverage for motion control of the wearer and a variety of sensations.

ARAIG is the world's first multi-sensory multi-directional, force feedback suit.

Once the user puts ARAIG on and syncs it to a medium, they no longer need to interact with ARAIG. From this point on ARAIG interacts with the user to increase their immersion based on the situation and/or interactions occurring to the user within the medium. The environment, activities and interaction taking place in the virtual world, will translate into tangible sensory stimulations for the user. This will affect the user’s interaction with this environment. The user becomes more aware of the virtual world through his or her heightened sensitivity to this world. They will now act and make decisions more intuitively and intelligently.

Training, Gaming, Movies. ARAIG is, As Real As It Gets!

IFTech’s main competitive advantage is twofold:

  • First it is multiplatform connecting via an HDMI and USB to the transmitter
  • Stimulates the senses through physical and auditory feedback
  • Applies physics to the body, even capable of moving and locking portions of the wearer
  • Works with all other peripherals, whether it is a HMD for visuals, Treadmill for physical movement or Controllers for interaction
  • Allows for total mobility, ARAIG can be used wired or wirelessly for indoor or outdoor use
  • Requires no extra effort from the user, once ARAIG is put on the battery allows for 5+ hours of use
  • Has the ability to work with all major entertainment media sources, gaming or movies, virtual reality or augmented reality

Second, other peripherals that have been created continue to require developers to create entirely different content and forms of interactivity to allow users to use these peripherals. This necessary change in content to be compatible with these peripherals can both limit the market reach and flexibility of the content or solution a company is trying to offer. With multi-million dollar solutions being created for training and simulation scenarios and high-end video games and movies taking several years to develop and millions of dollars to make; companies cannot afford taking such a significant risk with their time and money.

This is where IFTech product ARAIG has a major advantage over other peripherals. ARAIG has been designed as an enhancement to mainstream content through its robust Software Development Kit and direct support from our Software Development Team. This approach allows solution providers and content creators to continue focusing on their core strengths and developing their content, and when ready, seamlessly integrating ARAIG in as an enhancement to their products and solutions with the support of our Software Development Team.

ARAIG’s Software Development Kit (SDK) provides seamless integration.

Whether you want to integrate ARAIG in during development, post-development or as an update after a product has already been launched; ARAIG’s SDK makes this possible. Not only can ARAIG be used to differentiate your current and future games from your competition, ARAIG can also be used to provide a new revenue stream to older content, just by adding ARAIG as a new enhancement to that game. To help make this process as quick and smooth as possible IFTech has an ARAIG Software Development Team to support any and all developer needs to utilize ARAIG to its maximum potential and truly make your game stand out from the rest.

Software Development Kit

The ARAIG SDK is used to integrate the ARAIG suit into software and applications to properly update the suit’s various sensory feedback devices.

The ARAIG Software Development Kit provides:

  • ARAIG SDK is 100% free for use in commercial applications upon signing the licensing agreement
  • Robust Manual: Providing a developers with all the necessary detail to understand the inner workings of the ARAIG SDK
  • Premade Examples of all ARAIG SDK functionality: Provides simple demonstrations of all the SDK’s functionality through extensively documented code
  • ARAIG Visualization Tool: Supports the development and demonstration of ARAIG integration and functionality without the need of an ARAIG suit.
  • Developer Support: Direct access to ARAIG Software Development Team for continual development support throughout the integration process and thereafter

For companies who are interested in learning more about ARAIG and potentially integrating it into their products and pipeline, please email sales@iftech-technologies.com. For those interested in working with and exploring the ARAIG Software Development Kit, please click the link below: