Brodie Stanfield

Founder and Co-CEO

Brodie is Co – CEO and on the Board of Directors. Brodie’s roles at IFTech include, overseeing Product Strategy, Marketing, R&D and Online Retail. Product Strategy involves the overall vision of the product, maintaining that vision, meeting the needs of our various consumers from video games and movies to training and simulation to augmented awareness, product pricing for each application, distribution and maintaining a competitive edge over others in the industry. Marketing includes product collateral, product branding, product advertising, product marketing, online sales direction, online customer support, and online demand planning. Research and Development includes the product research stage with new product design, product visioning and alpha stage; and product development stage with building and testing products, product enhancement, product corrections, product beta stage and development of the production ready models. Online Retail involves overseeing of the e-commerce system which includes payment methods, logistics, returns, security, privacy, promotions, customer traffic, and customer retention; and involves community creation which includes, community development, customer engagement through branding, customer engagement through product development, guiding customer driven decisions, and customer account personalization.

Michael Stanfield

Founder and Co-CEO

Michael is Co- CEO and Chairman of the board of Directors. Michael has direct oversight of Business operations including Manufacturing, Distribution, B2B, CIO, CFO, General Administration and Corporate Governance. Manufacturing includes logistics, supply chain management, procurement, quality control, follow-up and support. Manufacturing is integrated with the R&D division to insure that product design and componentry needs take advantage of existing low cost differentiators that will allow market penetration pricing. Distribution includes channel creation and design, warehousing, transportation/delivery, and product returns. Distribution comprises direct and indirect channels. B2B includes marketing, sales, warrantees, break /fix, rebates, training and support to the direct and indirect customers excluding direct to consumer sales.  CIO responsibilities include oversight on IT acquisition and management; the development, maintenance, facilitation and implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture; promotion of the effective and efficient design and operation of all major Information Management Resource processes. CFO Oversight includes controlling the cash flow position throughout the company, understanding the sources and uses of cash, maintaining the integrity of funds, securities and other valuable documents, establishing accounting policies and procedures for credit and collections, purchasing, payment of bills, and other financial obligations as well as budgeting, financing, and reporting. In addition, Michael handles general administration, Corporate Governance, public relations, and investor relations.

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