Brodie Stanfield

Founder and Co-CEO

Brodie is on the Board of Directors and has direct oversight of operations including: Manufacturing R&D; product research, product visioning and alpha stage; product development stage; building and testing products; product enhancement; product corrections; product beta stage, development of production ready models. Product Strategy; overall product vision, maintaining vision, meeting needs of consumers: video games; movies; training and simulation; medical; augmented awareness. Product pricing for each application, distribution and maintaining a competitive edge over others in the industry. Marketing; product collateral, branding, advertising, marketing, online sales direction, online customer support, and online demand planning. Online Retail; overseeing the e-commerce system including payment methods, logistics, returns, security, privacy, promotions, customer traffic, and customer retention; and involves community creation, development, engagement, guiding customer driven decisions, and customer account personalization.

Michael Stanfield

Founder and Co-CEO

Michael Stanfield is a Founder, Co-CEO, Vice President and Chairman of IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. Michael Stanfield is a leader, motivational speaker, Inventor and Entrepreneur. Michael has led the Corporation forward through business management operations that include strategic planning, collaborative network and partnership creation, team building, financing and capitalization, administration and IP management.




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