National Geographics’ Machine Impossible takes on ARAIG

The world’s first fully immersive gaming suit, ARAIG: As Real As It Gets, has intrigued various markets, thereby attracting media attention worldwide. The most recent coverage resulted in two trips, one to Pennsylvania USA and a week trip to Singapore, whereby co-founders and CEOs of IFTech – Inventing Future Technology Inc., Brodie and Michael Stanfield, showcased ARAIG for a series put on by National Geographic, called Machine Impossible.


Machine Impossible is an 8-episode series that launched July 14 of 2016 in Asia, and aired in many other countries around the world as of September 17th 2016. Appearing on the show is technology and aeronautics guru, Mischa Pollack, and designer, engineer and entrepreneur, Max McMurdo. Their purpose: to uncover the world’s most “ingenious, advanced and unbelievable machines” of today.


Brodie and Michael were pleased and unsurprised by the reaction Max and Mischa had both during and post-trial of ARAIG. Both fear and astonishment coursed through Max and Mischa while wearing the suit, continuously stunned by its capabilities: “Oh bloody hell, I thought someone was standing there,Max McMurdo had said when he felt sensation in his right shoulder;I like that this system is made for the common gamer… this could really change gaming, it’s not just vibrating, you really, really feel it, and I wasn’t prepared for that,” said Mischa Pollack.


Brodie and Michael Stanfield, father-son duo, began this journey in 2007, and have since been taking the technology world by storm with no intention of slowing down.  Honoured to have shared such an experience with National Geographic, Brodie and Michael extend their thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in this production.