AMD invites IFTech to ExtravaLANza

ExtravaLANza is an event hosted by AMD to celebrate what it means to be a gamer. This year’s ExtravaLANza will bring its technology and gaming festival to the heart of young Toronto. ExtravaLANza is a public event where gamers can bring their own PCs and play in an open LAN environment or register and join the eSports competitions. ExtravaLANza will be held on November 18th & 19th. For more details  about the event please go to


IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that we have been invited by AMD to be a part of their ExtravaLANza event for a presentation and demos of our technology ARAIG As Real As It Gets.


Co-CEO and Founder of IFTech, Brodie Stanfield, will be providing a presentation on ARAIG to the public and then providing demos to those with access to the VIP portion of the event.


IFTech’s presentation will provide a general overview of ARAIG, in depth details on the feedback that ARAIG can provide to a wearer, the multiplatform design of ARAIG to work across multiple devices and markets, and details as to what markets ARAIG is focused on at this time and what markets it is looking to be a part of.


IFTech will be demoing ARAIG in the VIP Area during the ExtravaLANza, giving individuals the opportunity to try ARAIG and get the As Real As It Gets experience. Those provided with a demo will calibrate ARAIG for a personalized adventure, allowing them to feel what it’s like to be a superhero; what it’s like to be dropped into a firefight; undergo the recoil of firing virtual weapons, the chaos and intensity of an explosion.


IFTech is extremely excited and honoured to be provided with this opportunity, and to be invited by AMD to participate in Toronto’s premier LAN festival. We are looking forward to the event, and can’t wait to show-case our technology, ARAIG, and the As Real As It Gets experience.