IFTech Announce the Release of their new SDK for ARAIG

IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. are pleased to announce the release of their Software Development Kit (SDK) for ARAIG As Real As It Gets, a high-tech, multi-sensory gaming suit.

Created by a Canadian father and son team, the ARAIG gaming suit provides a new unique immersive experience through multi-sensory feedback. Whether it is for gaming, training, virtual reality, augmented awareness or another market entirely, ARAIG can deliver the most cutting edge technology to its users. People wearing the ARAIG gaming suit will experience a level of immersion that has never been reached and felt before.

“We have pushed technology in the creation of ARAIG and now there is a new standard for human perception based on sensory stimulation and sensory manipulation,” said Michael Stanfield, Founder and Co-CEO of IFTech. “The ARAIG technology provides real world sensory stimulation for all virtual world environments.”

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